But I feel like a missed call on a phone.

Written by Silas on 9. November 2019 03:42 o'clock


Today I'm kinda feeling like a ghost. Call the dudes but ain't nobody home. Tell myself I'm fine but I don't really know. I'm just scared that I'll end up alone. I never let it show. But I feel like a missed call on a phone. Tryna live my life, pay-as-you-go. You know I never meant to cut you off. Got phantom feelings I can never solve. Stranger things to worry about, I know. Can't see myself in the mirror. Does that mean I'm not really here? I'm losing touch with everything I know. You know I'm like a ghost, sometimes I have to fade. And it haunts me that I have to be this way. You say it's gone cold, I say I'll do better. But I always seem to disappear again. You know I'm like a ghost. I'll be okay, I'll be alright...


You're alright.